Past Presidents

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Presidents from 1992-2015
25th Leon Noack Flushing  1992
26th Gary Domerse Clio 1993
27th Dick Cupit Mundy Twp 1994
28th Charlie Sanford Burton 1995
29th Don Welch Atlas Twp 1996
30th Rick Johnson Mt. Morris #2 1997
31th Norm Gracz Mt. Morris #1 1998
32th Mike Wright Davison  1999
33th Mac Cheney Genesee Twp #2 2000
34th John Newcomer Montrose 2001
35th Ron Herzberg Flushing 2002
36th Dennis Lacey Burton 2003
37th Brian Will Linden 2004
38th Dennis Smith Fenton City 2005
39th Gary Borse Flint Twp 2006
40th Kevin Bloss Clio 2007
41st Dave Upthegrove Forest Twp 2008
42nd Bill Harvey Argentine Twp 2009
42nd Eric Merriam Swartz Creek Area Fire 2010
43rd Bob Cairnduff Fenton City Fire 2011
44th Skip Davis Davison-Richfield Fire 2012
45th John Ringwelski Flint Twp Fire 2013
46th Kerry Paulson Clio Fire 2014
47th Damon Tobias Mt Morris City Fire 2015
48th Edward Blight Mundy Twp Fire 2015

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Presidents from 1968-1979
1st Sam Muma Flint City 1968

George Bigelow

Mt. Morris City Fire 1969
3rd Bruce Doralnd  Fenton City 1970
 4th Jim Phanauf Flint Twp 1971
 5th Keith Hilliker Mt. Morris City 1972
 6th Lee Kirkey Mundy Twp 1973
7th Eckel Henderson Burton 1974
8th Dick Patrucha Swartz Creek 1975
9th Jack Reese Mt. Morris Twp #2 1976
10th Jim Sefernick Flint Twp 1977
11th Ford Birtles Forest Twp 1978
12th Ed Groner Davison 1979

Presidents from 1980-1992
13th Arville St. John Genesee Twp #1 1980
14th Carl Kukla Flint City 1981
15th Cammeron McInally Mundy Twp 1982
16th Jim Bronson Clio  1983
17th Bill Miller Gaines Twp. 1984
18th Jeff Lee Fenton City 1985
19th Don Rowley Flint Twp.  1986
20th Roger Bobb Genesee Twp#1 1987
21th Orville Stephens Mt. Morris City 1988
22th Rob Reese Mt Morris Twp 1989
23th Lee Keeney Davison 1990
24th Jim Naugler Atlas Twp 1991